White guy beat up for dating black girl

He investigates the murder of an old army buddy of his which ...

See full summary » Veteran WWII fighter pilot, Joe Sarnowski, reflects back on his service as an American fighter ace.

when i read the title i hoped to god it wasnt a white girl and a black but i was wrong Disgusting behavior of white girls...beating and demanding that another white girl have sex with a negro.

Sadly, due to the programming, more and more young impressionable white girls are going for the negros.

dt ogilvie, co-authored a phenomenal paper about African American Women Executives (AAWE).

Her paper documents how AAWE leadership traits are very different from white women’s.

The progressive secular humanist education curriculum seems to be working.

Kids now behave as animals, since they are taught they are simply animals.

Indeed, in an orderly society, Necklacing would be standard punishment for such offenses against the race and society.

Two black girls, twice as old and twice as big as the white girl, are screaming at the girl on a Hot Wheels tricycle. “You ugly.” Then the violence begins: The two girls each grab one of the white girl’s wrists and force her to strike herself in the face. The white girl starts crying like only three-year old girls can. The black boy who just threatened to beat her up enters the camera again, this time begging, “Can I see the video?

” After a cut in the action, the video picks up with the little white girl now standing on the lawn.

Ex-Navy SEAL Brad Cartowski is injured during an attack at Athens airport by terrorists who kidnap his wife and fly her on a hijacked plane to North Africa. See full summary » A group of recently trained astronauts are sent into space to probe a new experiment, only to be stranded and face an eternity in space unless successful contact can be established from ...

See full summary » An Italian street hood gets romantically involved with a woman who is the ex-girlfriend of a leader of a white supremacist gang, after being being brutally attacked by the gang he seeks revenge via his street connections.

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