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While the audio purist inside me definitely loves Sony for offering up such a vast array of possible options, it’s incredibly daunting to understand what’s the perfect option without investing time learning about the pros and cons of each format.

One of the biggest hurdles for a home theater setup with a PS3 at its core is transitioning from lossy audio formats like Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 to lossless formats like Dolby True HD or DTS-HD Master Audio.

The advantage of lossless audio in entertainment media is that you are hearing the audio track in it’s purest form.

Lossy formats use data compression and alter how the overall audio track sounds.

If the power supply is lost while writing to the system software, the console will no longer be able to operate unless the system is booted in service mode or sent to Sony for repair if still under warranty.

The current version of the software, 6.61, was made available on January 15, 2015.

If your drive is formatted with the NTFS file system, you’ll see an error after you connect it to the Play Station 4. To double-check, right-click the drive in Windows and select “Format.” Format it to use the ex FAT file system if it’s currently using NTFS.

The only time you need codec is to use the Avi Synth engine.

Have you ever ventured deep into the audio settings on your Play Station 3?

Unless you have a working knowledge of audio encoding formats, it might as well be written in a foreign language.

It’s also starting to become more prevalent on streaming video services like Cinema Now on Samsung televisions. We have put together a guide to help walk you through the process of connecting your Play Station 3 to your home theater system and get amazing lossless audio from your home theater system.

If you are using an optical TOSLINK or digital coax cable to transfer audio from the Play Station 3 to your receiver, you are not going to be able to take advantage of more advanced codecs like Dolby True HD or DTS-HD Master Audio.

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If it isn’t, you’ll need to transcode it to a supported one before it will function on your Play Station. To get started, plug a USB drive into your computer.

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