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For help with using the map viewer, click on the question mark icon at the top of the page.Every city, town, village, and community in Montgomery County is unique, although many share similar characteristics. Published by M-NCPPC, Montgomery County Planning Board, Community Relations Office 301-495-4603 For questions about Homeowners Associations in the County call the Montgomery County Government Office of Consumer Protection, Licensing and Registration Section 240-777-3799.Fox domestication Living with the wild: interacting with wild foxes Interaction with other Species Small and Medium-sized Mammals Livestock Gamebirds Arctic Foxes and other Carnivores Deer Native Animals in Australia Plants and Invertebrates Questions and Answers Evolution and Early Distribution: Dogs and cats are Carnivorans, that is, they’re members of the taxonomic order Carnivora (note this is different to simply being a carnivore, or meat-eater, which is not a taxonomic grouping), which is one of 29 orders within the class Mammalia.The evolution of carnivorans appears to have been a gradual process that happened in both North America and Eurasia, making it difficult to infer when it all started.And when pathogens `set up shop,' so to speak, in the human body, their #1 goal is to survive.To do so, they have a number of sneaky tricks in their survival repertoire.Briefly, the creature that taxonomists currently think gave rise to modern-day dogs was a medium-sized (about the size of a coyote) grassland predator of North America called that appeared during the late Eocene, some 36 mya.The caniforms subsequently diverged into three lineages (which we call subfamilies): the Hesperocyoninae (‘western dogs’); the Borophaginae (‘bone-crushing dogs’); and the only one still around, the Caninae, which includes the dogs, wolves, foxes, etc.

Readers interested in a more detailed appraisal of dog evolution are directed to Xiaoming Wang and Richard Tedford’s authoritative account in their 2008 book and I recommend the reader visits Wiki Pedia and The Searching Wolf.Silver repousse creamer, 3 3/4" h, decorated with fruit and leaves, marked "S. Seven Victorian pieces of table sterling silver: soup ladles, fish slice with twist handle and gilt surface, exceptional punch ladle, gilt rubbed bowl, Kirk & Son fish serving fork with highly decorative handle, approximate weight 7.07 oz t.Kirk & Son"; and a sterling silver tray, with heavy reticulated design with seated putti holding swag and wreaths, monogrammed, approximate weight 18.80 oz t, 11 1/2" l. Victorian sterling silver butter dish, oval form, domed lid with classical helmet finial, silhouetted inside is an intricate Grecian ladies head in repousse on one side, with two neoclassical heads in silhouette, one on either side inside the bowl, with interwoven foliate decoration on the reverse, pierced oval drain tray, stamped "Ball.Victorian silver plate: Pair of urn-shaped wine coolers with matching coats of arms, offset handles with classical heads below, 10 1/2" h; Sheffield plate cover for a 14" platter with twisted grape vine handle, grape and leaf decoration around the base, 10" h; Footed round Sheffield tray decorated with grapes and leaves, 8" dia; Larger round tray edged with grapes and leaves, 11" dia; Rectangular tray with ball feet and engraved with arm and sword in central cartouche, 9" l; Expanding decorated trivet; Wine coaster. Pope" (1834-1891), 18" x 32" (sight), 25" x 39 1/2" (framed), (from the James Baird collection). Pennsylvania German decorated blanket chest, poplar and pine, finely decorated with original freehand sponged design in tan/brown, with three red hearts on the front and back side corners, blue and red pillars on front and sides, supported arbors in front in blue and red with small red leaves, with central pot of tulips in red and blue, trailing vine supporting large pinwheel flowers in blue, all on a carved and molded bracket base in original black paint, wooden pegged to the dovetailed case, molded top pegged and breadboarded, shows extensive in-use wear to lid decoration, interior with hand-forged iron strap hinges, interior till on left side, molded lid, signed in multiple places - under lid, on front of till and inside front facing board "___Bolich (etc)", probably Berks County, Pennsylvania, 1780-1810, lockplate possibly replaced, 25" h, 48" w (case), 21 1/2" d, 50 3/4" w (at the lid). English Hepplewhite server, slightly bowed front, two fitted and dovetailed drawers with original brass ring pulls, ebony lined inlaid top, hand-blocked wallpaper drawer linings, tapered legs, water stains on top, 29 1/2" h, 34 1/2" w, 18 1/2" d. Grueby ceramic art pottery jardiniere, cucumber matt green glaze, eight broad modeled leaves alternating with eight pointed yellow bands, light brown glazed interior, indistinct circular mark with carved "S.Brite cut tablespoon, hallmarked "London - 1784" ("i" in a shield, rampant lion and a crowned lion); Brite cut/engraved tablespoon, "SH" in a rectangle, (Samuel Haugh, Boston, MA, 1675-1717); Tablespoon with basket of flowers, marked "George C. Kaula" (1871-1953), framed under glass, 20 1/2" x 25 1/2". Hepplewhite inlaid one-drawer stand, banded inlaid chain around edge of top, front legs and skirt with diamonds, drawer with maple bead, delicate square tapered legs, dovetailed drawer with brass pull, 27" h, 15 1/2" w, 18 1/2" d. rectangular lidded box, butternut, varnish finish, signed inside lid "Josiah Shaw, Boston, 1827", with key, finely dovetailed, inlaid ebony diamond with heart on front, probably had a handle on lid, 6 1/2" h, 13 1/2" l, 6" d. oil on canvas, Hudson River Fall landscape, sailboats with mountains in the background, spit of land with trees in Fall color foliage, signed l.r. Rare brass candlestick, heavy square base on four square stepped feet, shaped apron, turned decoration rising to a turned baluster stem with long candle holder with turned rings, c. Pennsylvania decorated salt glaze stoneware pitcher, 2-gal., attributed to Richard C. 1870-1885, cobalt floral decoration, cracked along bottom edge, small age line and chip on rim, excellent decoration, stable overall condition, 14" h. 1870-1885, lid with four raised oval ridged cobalt decorations, with stamped "2" in each center, decorated handle, (shows crack and chip), 6" h, 10" dia. Grueby ceramic art pottery vase, dark cucumber matt green glaze with eight modeled leaves, slightly flared lip, circular mark of "Grueby Faience Co. W." above on the base, very good condition, 7" h, 7 1/2" dia.

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