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The only thing Washington Post writers Monica Hesse and Ellen Mc Carthy found to dislike about cougars is the name — so double-standard-ish. “They’re called ‘men.’” The feminist blog Jezebel rags on the recurrent “Saturday Night Live” sketch “Cougar Den,” which features tips on successful man-pouncing (“hit the bars just before closing”) and a boy-toy tennis instructor who says he likes older women because “you can be real mean to them, and they still buy you junk.” Sniffs Jezebel: “The women are just set up to be really foul, awful, pathetic people who seem to be chasing teenage boys.” What Jezebel and the other feminists want is a positive spin on cougars as “in control” and “very sexy,” in the words of Valerie Gibson, author of “The Cougar Handbook.” Nearly all of them trot out the marriage of 46-year-old Demi Moore to 31-year-old Ashton Kutcher as a cougar success story that could be replicated endlessly.

The big cat tried to make its third time the charm at p.m.Mc Fadden's is an Irish amusement park attracting a well-balanced mix of college students and adult rec league participants who think they are still in college.Their WTF Tuesdays generally lead to "Why Are There 30 Leprechauns Attacking My Skull With Sledgehammers" Wednesdays. It's also where you can find yourself sucking down Long Islands as the bride-to-be from a bachelorette party (there will be at least three occurring) tells you that you have kind eyes and she's not sure about this whole marriage thing.Fun fact: getting sloppy here Thursday-Saturday is known as the trifecta. Completion of a Bush twin trifecta cannot be confirmed. Come midnight, this is a champagne-straight-from-the-bottle, occasional-foam-party kind of place that involves TSA-style frisking to enter.Here you’ll find Zoe Barnes wannabees drinking Hill Kool-Aid known as “Awesomeness” that contributes to a floor stickier than ZBT’s basement. Hordes of people who have had enough cocktail pitchers to make belting out some Chumbawamba seem like a good idea? And to think you just wanted some California rolls!

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  1. If proper wining and dining is your thing, then Manhattan guys are your best bet. And with such a large portion of the borough being transplants, I haven’t come across too many “born and bred” Brooklynites, who I think would have more of that signature NYC grittiness (a quality I like).