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Saying […] There are over 500 verses in the Bible as a whole related to marriage. Some of them may surprise you, some of them may challenge you, hopefully all of them will provide encouragement, insight and wisdom.

One story says that the emperor, Claudius II, believed that single men made the best soldiers and so he forbade weddings. At the same time, I like the idea of a saint who is associated with romantic love since, old fashioned thinker that I am, I associate romantic love with a man and a woman in a lifelong marriage.

I just want you." My sister and I always cheer at this point—the last line of the movie, .

Anne's profession of love to Gilbert finally settles years of heart wrenching turbulence during which Gilbert's advances are either ignored or outright rejected.

When I turned to look, I gazed into a pair of heartrending blue eyes and suddenly heaven opened, a shaft of light beamed down, and background music swelled to a crescendo.

Daniel and I began a friendship as we shared many similar interests.

Say it face to […] If you’ve been dating someone for a while, it’s easy to think that you all you need to know before you say “I do.” However, even if you’ve had the “kid talk,” there are still several important topics you should discuss that don’t always come up in normal conversation.

She’ll feel like she did when you first started dating.

While you should never seek to fight for the sake of fighting, a tiff can actually serve to strengthen your relationship—but only if you fight […] The phrase “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” may sound romantic, but the truth is that apologies are essential parts of a healthy relationship.

While a pair of gold earrings can help to smooth things over, it’s important to apologize in a way that will help your relationship grow.

How to Romance Your Wife (Part 1) Feeling a little inadequate in the romance department? Learn how easy it really is to romance your wife regularly.

How to Romance Your Wife (Part 2) Husbands your wives will love these romantic ideas selected just for her.

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After about a month I was ready to move to the dating stage, with visions of matrimony waltzing into the future. In fact when he asked to "talk" after the first five months, I struggled to fight back tears when he stated his desire to keep our relationship strictly platonic.

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