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The scene looked suspicious so they contacted the police to investigate the situation.The police found Lourdes Riddle strangled to death in the trunk of her own car. Joe Kenda was called to the scene to investigate the crime further and determined that whoever killed Lourdes also tried to cover up their crime.COVER STORY: The girl in the picture | Watch Video It is one of the most searing and unforgettable images to emerge from the Vietnam War: a little girl running down a road, naked and screaming in pain from the napalm burning her body.The photographer who took the photo, Nick Ut, won the Pulitzer Prize. After capturing the image, Ut wrapped the little girl in a raincoat and took her to a hospital, helping to save her life.Sex sells and it only took Bristol Palin nine weeks to figure that out.On the "Dancing with the Stars" semi-finals, the 20-year-old ex-governor's daughter transformed from a self-appointed Wasilla wallflower into a full blown Hollywood diva.They found that an accelerant (gasoline) was used to burn the car and a brick was on the driver’s side floor of the car (as if it was used to hold down the gas pedal).As Kenda was processing the crime scene, two Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) personnel showed up and claimed they were taking charge of the investigation.

While the single mom has continuously repeated that she is no extrovert, her father, Todd, revealed the Alaska native was always pretty independent.The abstinence advocate even dropped her coy I'm-a-country-girl refrain -- one of her childhood friends told ABC that she always skulked against the wall during school dances -- to slam her Hollywood counterparts and deny that she had come so far because of GOP backing."No offense to anyone else, but I'm not fake," Bristol said in one of her pre-dance interviews.Camp that night at Snowmass Lake, where you can land eager cutthroat trout (try a woolly bugger) for breakfast.And when you finally get to the top of Buckskin Pass, don't forget to look over your shoulder for a stunning view of Snowmass Mountain and Capitol Peak.

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: A copy of Trails Illustrated's Maroon Bells map ($12;

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