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Arcieri really surprised me because I didn't know she could act so well. It was so believable and made it easy to imagine why they would fall so fast into a relationship with one another.

Another thing the movie did well was display that not only did John have his issues, but so did Sarah.

My thoughts are directed to the Brazilian bombshell Adriana Lima.

With long, dark hair, tanned skin, full lips and bright bluish-green eyes, her striking appearance is obviously the result of race-mixing.

That’s just plain wrong and it seems like too much judging on the other person’s part.

Everyone has their own experience, throughout their childhood or lifetime and unless you walk in that person’s shoes, you don’t have the right to judge.

Stuck together for the last month of school, they are faced with either dealing with the ...

Jason was raised in Oakland, California, where he often played against Gary Payton in the playgrounds. Census – https://I get so aggravated when someone of mixed race, who incidentally looks more white than black, as in Jason Kidd’s case, is called only black.

Exotic (a term synonymous with peculiar, extraneous, fascinating and kinky) is the current buzz word in beauty; but, what does it really mean?

What exactly do men mean when they say they are attracted to exotic girls?

See full summary » Marcus is a kid on Manhattan's mean streets. See full summary » In June, 1983, in Dutchess County, New York, Sebastian Cole joins his mother, step-father, and sister for dinner.

He's turning 15, his father is dead, his mother is in prison for smuggling undocumented aliens. Hank, Sebastian's step-father, drops a bomb: he announces he's changing ...

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  1. Frances Bean, also a producer on the film and a relatively private person, wanted to address the crowd. “The reason I’ve been able to watch it six times is because of the film Brett made,” she said of the work, containing a trove of previously unseen and unheard video and audio recordings of the late Cobain, some dating back to his infant years." data-reactid="22"Now 22, Frances Bean stepped behind the podium and told the audience that she was tentative about watching the film at first — but soon she embraced it, and has now seen Montage of Heck a half-dozen times.