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These early amps sported a thin white covering ("Rexine") with a small printed diamond pattern and larger diamond pattern grill cloth.

However, the EL34-powered AC30 was short lived, and a new AC30 version appeared in late 1959.

VOX History The legendary sound of VOX Amplification begins with Dick Denney, a young amplifier designer who began working for England’s JMI Corporation in 1957.

Dick, a guitarist himself, had his finger on the pulse of the rapidly evolving world of the electric guitar in the late 1950’s and worked tirelessly with the JMI staff to design an amplifier that could offer the volume and sustain that guitarists of the time were craving.

This second generation AC30/4 had two channels with two inputs, hence the "4" in the model name, and a single tone control, and was powered by a quartet of EL84 (6BQ5) power tubes, making it truly a doubling of the AC15 power amp circuit.

These are M5 but the 2BA screws fit fine with no mods or problems. aluminium parts and Copper aluminium anodised Control Panel as original with aluminium lettering showing through copper anod...A set of twelve NEW replacement fixing screws to fix the three handles of any 1960's VOX AC30 or any other Vox amp that used the common Vox plastic handle. No need - these are exactly as original when fitted.An egg shaped single button foot switch operated the effect.after the purchase, Rose Morris established a corporation in the UK called "Vox Limited" to produce new Vox products.

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The resulting amplifier was dubbed the AC30/4 Twin.

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