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After the one-year tour, during which time Mc Clellan observed several battles of the Crimean War, Mc Clellan brought back almost 100 books and manuals.

These he read before writing his report, which concluded with his proposed manual for American cavalry adapted from existing Russian cavalry regulations.

Today, the Mc Clellan Saddle is still in use by cavalry re-enactors and still popular with some endurance and trail riders.

A Mc Clellan saddle custom made for a particular horse or a vintage saddle that fits a particular horse offers a ride that is comparable to modern Western working or trail saddles in fit and comfort provided the rider knows the proper seat in which to ride this saddle design.

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A transcript of the first Resource Conference of the Northwest Region, sponsored by the Grande Prairie Chamber of Commerce and held at the York Hotel in Grande Prairie on April 25-26, 1960.

It contains transcripts of speeches made by various speakers on "Our Forests", "Our Agriculture", "Our Oil, Our Gas, and Other Minerals", "Our Transportation", "Power", "Our Industrial Development", "Our Industry", "Our Regional Planning", and "Developmental Action for the Northwest Region."A booklet containing a air transportation study submitted to the Alberta Department of Transportation.

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